The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

garbage patch1

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch…

Unbelievable, when you stand still at the fact that plastic is forming its own continent while we’re speaking. I never knew of this strange phenomenon until recently and once again I was shocked at what this meant. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge collection of the worlds plastic that’s drifting in the sea. I never realize how much plastic is found in my daily surroundings.. seriously.. think about it, look around you almost everything has something to do with plastic directly or indirect. A great youtube video tells the tale of a plastic bag in flight (with the hilarious voice-over like one of those nature films haha).

garbage patch 2

The story really has a point: stop using plastic. Only of course it’s difficult. The way the pacific garbage patch is formed is explained really really briefly/basic/tribal/plain above. Yup the circles represent the whirlpools found in the oceans and they collect all the shit that’s out there and trap it together at a turning point where they all combine.

garbage patch 3

As we all know from the show Breaking Bad, plastic is a really strong material. It’s really difficult the break down and thus it remains on our planet for a reeeeeeeaalllyyyy long time. Problem is, it starts disintegrating a little bit due to the harsh conditions found in the sea, but actually meaning that the pieces of plastic just get smaller  and smaller. Then.. yes… it goes on: fish start eating it because they think its plankton (because they don’t know what plastic is and it’s just as small). So even the wild fish that you can catch are now filled with plastic. Some animals die of course of this plastic fantastic intake.. like the bird above who had lovely snacks such as: bottle caps, Coca-Cola bottle rings and yes even lighters.

Want to take part in the petition? He Ho lets go California with their petition tot stop the distribution of plastic bags at grocery stores. I think Holland is discussing this matter as well.

cabbage patch

Oh.. and the Cabbage Patch Dolls? Well, they came up in my mind when I typed Patch and Garbage I guess… well not that they’re garbage… god.. I remember that my mom used to drive to all the different GoodWills in the neighborhood because she was highly sure that we would hit the jackpot and find the collectors Item doll. We had about 500 in our basement after 1 summer. Praise jesus… pff thank god they were all wiped out after a flood hahahah evil me ;).


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