The introduction to Mr. Tony

Hellow, or shall I say Miaow?

IMG_2817I’m Mr. Tony, it’s so nice to meet you. I’m thrilled to be able to share my daily adventures and habits so you can see what a wonderful kitten life I’m living. I must say my fellow katfriend did an amazing job at explaining my daily thoughts in the Youtube movie “Sad Cat Diary” (even though i’m not sad at all).

Together with my sis Totoro, yes named after Totoro from the movie Totoro, we as two British Short Hairs have the time of our life at home. Just because they’re both grey and fluffy doesn’t mean they’re the same.. no no human, they differ in many ways. Although, they do have the same starry eyes.


I myself am the maffia leader I run the joint and race you up the stairs to be the fattest leanest cat-machine there is. Even though I’m not even 1 year old, whatever. These pictures are by the way found in the beginning of my youthy days.. older ones will follow. When introduced to new people I act real cool and lay on my back to give the impression that humans can pet my belly, only to surprise them with my ninja bounce. My other hobby, which I will share with you is finding the warm cozy comfort of a pulled down boxer short. I love curling up between the legs.

For now my brief intro is a success and I shall talk further once more at another timespan.. as I will now inspect the moving box found in the center of the room.. tun tun tun..

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