Private Moment? Hell NO

Poop-Pee. Part I

The joy of celebrating our marked territory is so much more fun when you do it together with your master of arts. The moment I notice that my master has finished his cup of black smelly contents (coffee) and head up the stairs: it’s show time. I race alongside the inner turn of the stairs, so that I’m quicker at top. Then together we hit the streets (bathroom). The marking of the territory begins by my master sitting on a large white bowl with water in it. Strange thing, he never drinks out of it. Before the take off begins the leg warmers are between the feet, I quickly curl op in the seat and lift off: here we 15

(Tony our strange little creature finds it most amusing to crawl up in your boxer when you need that little moment for yourself, well forget about it. And since it was cute when he was a little kitten it stuck with him.. so now we have a poop-pee friend for the rest of our lives in the bathroom. More photo’s to follow soon.)

photo 11

Day 227

photo 23

Day 283photo 2

Day 291
photo 1

Day 303photo 4

Day 317photo 3

Day 321photo 22

Day 341photo 41

Day 278


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