The Greatest Toy: The Box


Out of the box, in the box, under the box, on top of the box, around the box & through the box. I love the box!

It smells of fresh paper with warm coziness inside. The touch is welcoming yet can be easily penetrated with a small nail. The crisp sound of the cardboard parishing under my paw fills me up with joy like hot coco on Christmas Eve.

My master has understood my hunger to this amazing friend and seems to serve these boxes on a regular daily basis.
The strange thing is though, that is seems as if my master is looking for the object that will fit best in the box. yet, I have already performed many times showing him that I am the chosen one for the box (Harry Potter/Frodo).

Together with my sister we play hours of hide and seek also using the multi-dimensional function of the box as: scratch patch, litter box, sleepy time place, hide out and just good old fashioned terrorizing.

I do fancy it when my master pulls this brown sled over the carpet and floor it makes my whiskers tingle. Prrrrrrrrr.


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