Geometric Patterns of the World


From Micro to Macro, the world can be analyzed in patterns and repeating elements. An ants nest compared to the winding streets through cities and the blood pulsing in our vains: all found somewhere else and yet all come back to the same thing. Forking paths.


Within 6 minutes  you’ll see it in a nutshell.

The movie Samsara gives the viewer an inside peak to some amazing visuals and special places but knows how to combine the time and the image to create the message.
IMDB gives it a 8,4 grade. Which can say a lot if you believe in their ranking system. In the shot above, munks make beautiful 3D images with colored sand… unbelievable labor… piece for piece they move the sand.


It surprises me how I’m always shocked at seeing images of animals in the food industry… So much can be said about the way we (ab)use our resources. Yet my focus was on the patterns and the people and the colors found in each scene.


Image 1 Lang, Margot. Samsara. The Starfish. 18-02-2014.<;

Image 2 Baraka & Samsara. Samsara food Sequence. Vimeo. 18-02-2014. <;.

Image 3 Unknown Author. Samsara.Irish Film Institute. 18-02-2014.<;

2 thoughts on “Geometric Patterns of the World

  1. You should totally check out Koyaanisqatsi. Basically it has been shot by the very same cameraman the Ron Fricke but with Godfrey Reggio as a director and the inventor of the original idea of a non verbal documentary. Shot in the mid 1980th it is no visually inferior to the 2012 Samsara

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