Ich bin ein Berliner Donut

Ich bin ein Berliner one once said… and yes.. I too am a donut fan


Art is always found in many forms and for today’s article I present to you the city Berlin as Art form. I do say WOW when thinking back at my previous weekend in this city.


So many visualizations have sticked to me and mainly that of the area Hackesher Markt (S5 and S7 halt Hackesher Markt) where we stumbled upon a dark alleyway filled with color and the “Monster Kabinet”. I swear to god I seriously haven’t seen this kind of funkyness in ages. Its found down a flight of stairs into the ground of this dark alleyway and underneath the ground you find the Monster Kabinet, which are simply said robots that talk and move to music. They are controlled through computers and represent the technological influence in rhythms of the city and art.


Walking through the alleyway of Hackersher Markt one finds all kinds of graffiti, paintings, stickers, illustration, 3-d expressions on the walls and ceilings. Aside of the Monster Kabinet, one finds small musea such as the one about Anne Frank.


Also a big little pussy says F* you next to a platypus type of cartoon. Honestly each piece of the ceiling has something unique. It also seemed as if there was a hipster kind of gathering at a small industrial cafe found within the Monster Kabinet Alley (Rosenthaler Straße). The cafe was surrounded by colored flags and seemed to be connected to a B-Cinema theater. On the ceiling one finds naked women with large round bellies. 

16e2f112ff7de230fb9344f209fe6289We also stumbled upon a graffiti contest in Friedrichshain ( Warschauwer Halt easy to reach by metro U1) in which a competition was held: who ever made the best name tag in Graffiti. The feel of the event was very raw and rugged. In all berlin beer was a hot topic and everyone was drinking the half liter cans.

4f352464c84597a391ebb28fdb25ac2aTo close off we witnessed tons of free concerts of real hippies living solely and only for their passion: music. If any record company’s are looking for some real talent look at: Alice Phoebe Lou. We were amazed at her pure talent and ease in which she played and dribbled with her guitar and voice to make you get chills. She can be found often in MauerPark (Metro halt Eberswalder Street line U2). Speaking of Parks both the Mauerpark and the Tiergarten (Line S5 halt Tiergarten) park have antique/art sales on Sunday. Great place to visit if you want to see what the berlinners are making these days.

Berlin, thank you for the experience.. and until then… Auf Wieder Schnitzel!


All Images owned by Me Myself and I

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