Cat Crate Marqt : Mr Tony


In the adventures of Tony and Totoro: the black crate is the new cardboard box.


Having shopped at our local health foodstore: Marqt, we earned points to receive a black crate which we could strap onto our bike. But before anyone ever got the crate to the bikes, Mr Tony and Miss Totoro jumped in for the ride. Come flyyyyy with ussss come fly awayyyyy. Thank you Marqt for giving our cats their new awesome hide out… We’ll just go on biking without the crates.

If you want to join in and vote on our Mr. Tony you can visit the Marqt contest site by clicking here . Sometimes you need to retry as the link sometimes gives an error. Then click the like button underneath the photo. Tony says thanks: miaow!


Bibliography: when in holland and looking for a helathy whole foods store: visit Marqt! It’s fantastically designed and helps local farmers keep on producing healthy food.

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