OCD: Obsessive Categorizing Disorder

Classification and categorization dates far back when the first settlers found land in the East. Putting objects in boxes makes it easier for the human species to understand strange things around them. Then why do we give it now the name OCD? Versions of which have traces of boxing and categorization within them.

20140618-113522-41722526.jpg Last week I was sitting on a terrace enjoying a dish of sushi and a cold white whine combined with discussions on life with my friend. The table next to us was enjoying similar aspects yet while overhearing them I stumbled on their conclusive conversation on OCD.

“I guess I have OCD, I completely get focused on cleaning the house in major detail. And I can’t stop until each little item is cleaned and covered by my cleaning spray” said the girl next to me while taking another relieving inhalation of her almost done Marlboro. “Well I also notice that I have OCD, because looking at this table arrangement makes me itch. I want to take your cigarette pack and place it here and neatly put all the salt en pepper objects together in the middle and set everything correct” her partner replied while as he spoke changed the table setting.

That’s when I thought… Wow everyone is making such a big deal on OCD being the next big ADHD or ADD. But in fact the obsessive compulsion of cleaning away scattered objects and correcting a table setting is a need that is found deep within us. We give meaning to our chaotic surroundings by comparing and analyzing, thus we therefore refer to earlier perceived items to categorize or place unknown items. It’s become a lifestyle like using Google that also works with algorithms to search through dozens of files that are each categorized. When organizing our home to more comfortable living styles we place them where we think they must go. Making photos is not so much as capturing a moment it has become a necessity to capture the perfect setting and lighting and make every photo count. Instagram is one way that makes our users reorganize their dining table when making a photo for the setting. Therefore it’s not strange that it continues in our daily life. Go-Go-Go with placing everything and everyone in the correct spot and box. Sororities are also a way in which we volunteer ourselves to be placed in a group with a specific tag. Going further from this point of classification one can say that by stigmatization takes place at an early stage. Such as when the settlers from the west came to the east and discovered other cultures and humans. Edward Said is a philosopher that focuses on the vision that the west has on the east due to their reference to only what the west knows and therefore sees everything else new as strange and exotic. This vision has remained in our feel of strange things and therefore we box and place in subs to understand and feel good.

20140618-112738-41258966.jpg Bibliography: Image 1: Kathy. OCD Humor. Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/521150988101308446/. Image 2: Miles, Sator. Animal Classification. Pinterest. http://pinterest.com/pin/283445370271171755/.

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