When in: France Côte D’Azur

The hidden gems of France will be revealed. How to improve your beauty case and make your body in and out stunning.


When in France make sure to visit the french pharmacy (Pharmacie) and buy the top 10 french must have beauty products.

1. Avène

Avène is one of those french brands that is just fantastic. All their items for the face are like heaven that create a baby angels butt. Perrrrfection. Thus I advise you to dig in those shelves and find the serum, creme, wash or gel that fits your specific needs and pleads. One of my favorite (due to acne scars and therefore red pigmentation marks that are left over) is: D-Pigment Riche. This sucker is great for those leftovers and you will see results within a few days.

2. Nuxe

The essential oils of Nuxe are a friend to scratched up dry skin. The sun does good things like giving vitamin D and a nice tan, but it also dries out. Try bathing your skin with this luxurious brand and buy the Nuxe Huile Prodiqieuse. After taking a refreshing cleansing shower or bath dry yourself off and pamper yourself with this oil. Available in spray or in bottle. Also try the Nuxe Reve de Miel Ultra-Nourishing Lip Balm with honey. Pucker up those smackers.


3. Phyto

Your hair can really get scruffed up after splashing in the salty sea and combined with a pool filled with bleach is just killing. Therefore Phyto can come great in hand when you need to recover your hair in original state without adding new chemicals to your beautiful locks. Therefore one has to buy one of the Phyto shampoos. Personally my favorite goes out to: Shampooing Intelligent (the blue bottle) because it’s one that you can use everyday. The smell is lovely and pure and gives you the fresh feeling of a shower the entire day.


4. Klorane

While I haven’t tried this myself yet I have seen the wonderful effects it has on damaged hair. To be honest I’m going off to the stores tomorrow to get me some of this wonderful brand. While I’m now only specifically talking about the hair line of Klorane, there are also many other beauty products that Klorane specializes in. But for now, I’m sticking to the Nutrif Et Reparateur. It heals and mends those dead ends and gives you some time to book a seat at the hairdresser. Also try the Klorane Dry Shampoo Ultra- gentle protecting with Oat Milk.

5. Bioderma

Looking for a good make-up remover? Search no more for there is Bioderma Solution Micellaire Crealine TS H20.This product is amazing, one swipe of this stuff and all the grimy stuff found on your skin is gone. I almost feel like a tell-sell commercial, when I say the “one swipe and its gone” cliché sentence: but it’s true. I almost lasted one year with my bottle and thank god, I went back to france a few weeks after it was empty. This time, I’m going home with 3.. just to make sure. The products are dermatologically tested and don’t cause any type of irritation whatsoever.


6. Roger & Gallet

The smell of their products is wonderful. To sum up: a collection of wild flowers mixed with the sweet scent of summer and fresh fruits. Personally I like the figs soap and I like using it to freshen up after a warm sweaty day at the beach. Their parfume goes greatly together with the soap as it makes sure that the essences stay longer with you. Fill up the room with fresh sweet smells of the wild sunny lands.


7. Embryolisse

Embryolisse is a creme/lait that makes your youth come back and greet you. I usually buy the Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentré. After a long day this is the way to close off and to combine with a good night sleep. It’s healing effects make sure that the skin feels hydrated and soft immediately after applying. It’s also a great primer for applying make-up. Go ahead and take yourself back 5 years.

8. Biafine

Officially this creme is mostly used after laser peelings or other infrared works, but for me: it’s my favorite aftersun. Also we found out that it was great for speeding up the recovery of bruises. The grandmother of my boyfriend had a nasty bruise after having hit her shin against the bedside, but once we put some Biafine on it.. it vanished quickly. Also great for your skin if it feels de-hydrated and it soaks up quick.

9. Homeoplasmine

Oh holly mary thank you! Homeplasmine is a must have for the irritable skin. I mainly tried it on my face when I had major acne infections and they calmed them down good. Many make up artists use this puppy for a quick fixer during shows. Originally a type of nipple creme but works wonderfully for also dry scabby patched lips or skin. Definitely stuff that in the cosmetic bag.

10. Avibon

Vitamin A is the key ingredient here. It makes sure that dead skin gets eliminated and soothes and smoothes that face while also closing in on those pores. It also minimizes pigmentation due to the renovation of the skin the old skin gets slightly peeled off, without a irritable itching feel. Yes, because I can personally tell you that I’ve had the real deal with vitamin A peels that left me with a snakes skin on my face. One of which I could take a piece of skin on the top of my forehead and peel down all the way to my chin: in one piece. But, ladies and gentlemen I swear to you that Avibon is great and doesn’t cause any type of pain or irritation in that manner. Do stay out of the sun.



Avene: http://www.avene.co.uk/

Nuxe: https://fr.nuxe.com/

Phyto: http://www.phyto.com/

Klorane: http://www.kloraneusa.com/


Roger & Gallet: http://www.roger-gallet.com/default_int.aspx

Embryolisse: http://www.worldwide.embryolisse.com/discover-embryolisse/embryolisse-in-world

Biafine: http://www.biafinecream.com/

Homeoplasmine: http://www.homeoplasmine.us/

Avibon: http://buyavibon.net/


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