Change and movement eventually establish the wished settings.


Each day brings with it new possibilities and light. This can then be a reflective moment in which we look at our surroundings and analyze if the place and spot we are in feels like home. Shuffling objects and items around in the house has become something like a hobby with each day trying to achieve the ultimate combination of objects to create a good representation of the the day and light.

New things come and old things go.

Not entirely true of course… but improvement and innovation makes sure that we experience new journeys. Therefore sometimes we shed our skin and leave old habits behind us. Yet, I still have a stuffed animal that keeps on moving with me wherever I go. Can’t seem to shake him off my trail but then again maybe I don’t want to.

For the rest my home has become a collection of objects that give a feeling of happiness and peace. Also I like finding the weird things in life and making them visible in my day to day activities.


Sometimes we can buy things but other times we get the option to become an artist and create. That’s what we did with this beautiful copper lamp. I have to give most of the credits to my lovely handy bandy manlover (boyfriend) as he bent and went off to solder the pieces together. We did however screw the lamps in and tugged the electricity wires through the pipes. Drops of sweat immediately come to mind when thinking about it, but in the end you do get a unique piece of love.

White Faux Taxidermy Golden T-Rex and Chesterfield at Home Interior design trends inspiration and ideas styling art

That is why I proudly give to you: Mr. T-Rex. Bought at White Faux Taxidermy  this little guy brings shock and amazement to each person that walks into the room. Plus the cumpfy Chesterfield couch makes it nice to sit back and relax.


The Cactus elements combined with a fruitful drink by BOS, Club-Mate or Bionade is a strange juxtaposition and gives color. Together with a fish captured in a copper, the theme of dry-ness, fluids and life are captured in one.


Outside one finds a lounge set made out of old wood that’s draped with a warm elk fur for the cold nights. For the ones that smoke we can press our own cigars with these old wooden presses found in a thrift shop.



T-Rex Head:
BOS Ice Tea:
Dired Fish:
Cigar Press:
Chesterfield Chair:
Heineken Crate:
Copper Lamp Inspiration:

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