Splish Splash Soapy Bubbles

Squeeky Clean rub a dub dub

Not only must it of course be functional but it also needs to smelly yummy plus have an inviting look and feel. I enjoy a bright color here and there thus I choose my soapsters not only for their good quality of cleanliness but also for a contribution of coziness in the sink.

photo 2

Found in a handy dandy plastic bottle (or glass bottle for the Marseille soap), it is easy to move around and keeps the surface clean. Pieces of soap can get really sticky but not these guys. The smell varies from rose, lavender and orange all smells of fresh summer days, which can be really nice in these leafy autumn days. This might be a random things to write about but I saw them standing on the counter and then I thought, yes they do add a somethin’ somethin’.

photo 1-1

So get your hands and dishes dirty and find your pump to start your day fresh and happy.



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