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Walking in a bookstore still gives the feeling of excitement and the smell of a new book is always inspiring. My favorite quote is still that of “don’t judge by a book by its cover” yet… I believe that we are judging items on its appearance in this era.

However this wonderful bookstore knows how to surprise its readers and play on this well known saying and take it literally. Take a wrapped bundle of good and see where the moment takes you.


The ABC (American Book Center) book store found on the Spui in Amsterdam is a place filled with wonderful titels and innovative thinkers. Yes well we can all buy the books digitally but the real deal is still so very nice: I know I sound like Miss Nanny Granny, but I mean it.


If you are ever in the neighborhood you should absolutely walk inside, the window shop is always decorated in most extreme themes and beautiful books and items, so no hesitation there. Plus the books that they sell are filled with trending topics, newest titles and bundled in themes which let you walk around for hours.


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