Far Far Away Thrift Dream

Dreams of places and spaces where flora and fauna are at ease.

photo 3

Welkom to your dream room to drift away through new countries unknown to man or animal, anything is of course possible.

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By combining an old map found in a thrift shop (the best one in Holland: Naarden Bussum Kringloop) for only 12,50 which is hilarious since these guys are being sold easily for 100 to sometimes 120 euros. Good bargain I guess, right?! The map is in great condition and has the old elements such as: made from cloth and the wooden frames found above and below. The colors are those of a old cartography, that has been touched by rays of sunlight and visions of eyes.

Surrounding the map I found old antique animal prints and botanical prints in Berlin Germany during a visit to the MauerPark. We decided not to literally frame them but to give an accent of modern color to the prints by adding bright tape to the corners. These were in total I think around 10 euros for the whole lot.. again a good price for these old prints.

photo 2

The pictures surrounded with blue tape as a symbolic frame, are found from small markets in Instanbul to a marketplace in greece. If I know there’s an antique market going on during my vacation I love to stop by and see what they have. The photos are a combination of various people in different settings and contexts. Posed all in an old fashion way they go great together with the antique prints and map.

photo 4


The lamps found around the map are also from the vintage thriftshop in Holland. Once we were home, we (my handy dandy lover boy and I) started pimping them and renewing the electricity cord found inside. Also we bought old coil lamps to give it a more warm feeling that also can be dimmed down for a cozy nights read. The combination of new wires and lamp with the old wooden arms are beautiful.



Naarden Bussum Kringloop http://www.dekringloper.nl/kringloper.php?PID=10&AID=7
Colored Neon Tape by Hema: http://www.hema.nl/winkel/hobby-en-vrije-tijd/hobby/tape/2-pak-washi-tape-(14810101)

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