Gut versus Neck

Growlerrughhblurp: your gut knows best


As a child you react through impulses and feelings to situations that are known and unknown.

No political thoughts go into your movements and gestures.
No tactically phrased news items.
No manipulated opinions or pushed sentences.
No awkward silences to disclose your true beliefs.

No… Your gut was the throne keeper and the true decider on facts and feelings. You spoke with honesty and enthusiasm and didn’t care of what others might think.

So why then, have we stepped away from our mindfulness when we discover the politics within the adolescent world? At a certain point your neck and brain becomes the ruler over the gut and they take over to determine the movements and thoughts of the day.

Of course I understand the importance of thinking but where in all the rush of succeeding did we loose our gut along the way? Have we forgotten the fun and ease we had when thinking through our gut? Or was it just not measurable enough to say “I feel”? Nope “I think” is the new way.

But on some days I sit and release the thinking process in my shoulders, neck and brain… And go…. hurray I’m hungry!

That’s all I say.


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