Ahoy Savoy: Get Cratey with Your Matey

Ahoy Savoy!

Savoy Cabbage beautiful photography

Savoy cabbage one of the unique creatures of nature: evolving from patterns that dazzle the mind and maze the drops of water through its roughened rimples.

Savoy Cabbage Zoomed in on beautiful patterns of Mother Nature. Close up.

My first encounter with this marvelous object was at a friends house when she introduced me to “De Krat”, which in dutch means “The Crate”.. as simple as that.

Savoy Cabbage Zoomed in on beautiful patterns of Mother Nature. Close up.

But it’s no ordinary crate, this little guy is filled with whole foods made up entirely of organic products from local farmers combined together to create yummy recipes. In a way, buying this crate you are contributing towards sustainable local goods and promoting the organic movement.

De Krat organic whole foods from local farmers. Biologisch eten in Amsterdam.

On the site you can choose for how many people you’d like the food to be measured out and for how many nights you’d like a recipe 1,2 or 3: go crazy ’cause it’ll be delivered right on your doorstep. But enough about the crate (which for the US’ers reading this, I know this concept must exist in America as well).. I’d like to go back to the savoy’er!

I knew that mother nature had it in her, but seriously the patterns and texture found on this product makes it almost to beautiful to eat. Rough yet smooth and bubbly yet elegant. For show and tell a great product!


Starring the Savoy Cabbage

Biological Crate of Organic Food in Amsterdam De Krat : http://www.dekrat.nl/
Nadine Greeff- Savoy Cabbage on Pinterest
Myra Madeleine- De Krat on Pinterest 

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