Amsterdam Bicycle Challenge: Accepted


Move it, out of the way, Helloooo can’t you tell this is a bicycle road!?, I’m biking here, Ring a ling a ling a ling a linggggggg.

Welcome to Amsterdam: City of Bicyclists, ok  well maybe a bit of rude bicyclists like myself. Only now, after having driven a few times in the city with a car,  do I understand the hatred that my fellow car drivers feel when the bicyclist cut you off the road and drive through a red light.
As a tourist the walk through the city can be a dangerous activity. No seriously, each year hundreds of accidents happen when tourists walk on the bicycle paths or don’t look before crossing the road. I had a good laugh after seeing this video as it seriously depicts the situation perfectly.

Crappy old bicycles mark the stigma of trendy and hipster, the older and shittier the bike… the cooler it is. How to get one? Walk the streets of Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein between 01:00-04:00 a.m. and start a conversation with your local junkie 25 euro max!

Amsterdam Bicycle Challenge on Bikers in the City Ideas and thoughts.

Once you got your crappy piece of metal try it out for a ride but beware the road can be difficult…But then again the challenge is fun… That is why I give you the ultimate:

Amsterdam Bicycle Challenge

What is it? Well… Start biking and then try to not step off your bike during the entire ride home.. Challenge accepted?! Woo-Hoo I just biked from Amsterdam Amstel Station to Leidseplein all in one go. Hurray!

Try it for yourself, ’cause believe me the entire dutch population is already doing it. That’s why they get all annoyed and frustrated when they have to stop for a red light or let someone cross. Let me know below how far you were able to get from point A to point B without stopping or stepping off your bike!

*Please note that this blog and ultimate bike challenge is not responsible for any injuries, cursing drivers or other incidents related to the Amsterdam Bicycle Challenge. Also we do not advise anyone to start chatting with junkies and buying bikes can be seen as a crime (since most of them are stolen in the first place). Free will is given to everyone and you are not being persuaded to do anything… but it is cool if you make the Challenge!


Images staring my beauty of a beast Mr. Bicycle.

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