Guns and Crocs

Sharp, Spiney, Quick and Sturdy.. nope not talking about the Crocs shoes… I’m talking about the real deal Croc-O-dile in a shiny bronze suit. But to capture that fellow you need a sharp shooting pistol. 

Take a seat but watch out Johnny’s here.

Pols Potten high gloss white plate with pistol and Mac computer with snow white sticker Interior Design Decoration Ideas for a trendy home living styling industrial room at blog

Combining an Aztec feel and industrial wood with our Croc gives the home a lively feeling. The colors are actually those that remind me of a sundown in Albuquerque New Mexico. The warm hazy orange sun against the red hot burning sand of the Rio Grande river. The prints and patterns on the cushions are absolutely the Mexico in New Mexico. Yee-Ha Cowboy, Howdy Ho!

Interior Design Decoration Ideas for a trendy home living styling industrial room at blog bronze crocodile van Loods5

So let’s zoom in on that sucker, you’d think it was made out of some kind of hard plastic or maybe even real bronze metal. But to tell you the truth, this designer was smart and bought a toy crocodile from a China based kids factory and spray painted it the hipster hype color bronze, just to be unique and trend worthy. But however he/she accomplished it, it is absolutely an eye-catcher in the room. Maybe it’s something psychological, that our eyes detect a common known enemy of the man and our brain gives signals to: watch out and keep an eye out! Bought at Loods5 in Zaandam Holland for around 35 euros.
Pols Potten high gloss plate with pistol. Hoogglans wit schaal met pistool. Interior Design Decoration Ideas for a trendy home living styling industrial room at blog white high gloss plate with pistol. hoogglans wit bord met pistool made by Pols Potten designerBut to catch this lil boy, we of course need a pistol to do so. Just like the real cowboys! (Just as a reminder for those who think I am seriously advising someone to shoot a crocodile: I am not). This Pols Potten delight is elegantly subtle yet gives an aggressive statement of “Here I Am Baby”. I personally use this piece as a candle plate and put two on each side (does not come with candles). I bought mine at around 80 euros at a trendy shop in the 9Straatjes in Amsterdam. Pols Potten is one of my favorite interior designers together with Seletti. Both know exactly how to combine shockers and stillers for masterpieces.


Cushions- Istanbul, Turkey local tapestry shop
Plate- High gloss white with gun made by Pols Potten. Buy it here.
Crocodile/Alligator- Bronze plastic made by . Buy it here. 

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