Tony: The Melon Eating Cat

Purrrr Purrrr Purrrr, not only does Winnie the Pooh have a rumbly in his tummy. Tony got the vibe as well and has moved up from Royal Canin cat pathe to the forbidden fruits of the fruit bowl: THE MELON


After a long day of work, including: scratching the pole and playing hide and seek in the cardboard box of my master. I enthusiastically had thirst in a refreshing appetiser, so I went on a hunt!

The “off limits” table is my saviour when my master is away. With a large centrepiece filled with colourful fruits I saw one sucker that caught my eye and whiskers.. The melon.

Boring a whole through the thick skin of the peel and munching onwards towards the sweet stuff, my master somehow found it hilarious and therefore this selfie is the result.

To be continued.

By the way… Not all fruits and veggies are good for your feline friends. Check out the DO’S and DONT’S here.

Do you have a cat that eats strange/weird things? Add their photo on BoredPanda here.

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