Checklist of Top 41 Travel Products and Essentials to Pack and Prepare for Asia

To Bring or Not To Bring…Why Oh Why Does my Bag Keep Getting Heavier? 

OOhh how I remember the days that I was 6 years old and had nothing to put in my handbag expect crayons, hair clips, and tissue paper to fill it up. Life was so hard. Add a few years ( yup, we’re staying modest) and I’m struggling to keep the pouch shut. What a life lesson and cliche paradox it is to be a lady friend.
Thus, when going on a long world travel adventure trip of 6 months starting in Asia (like I’m going to do staring the 1st of September 2015):
BE AWARE! DO NOT PACK TOO MUCH, said the over packer.
But, I’ve learned my lesson and that is why I give you… *Drum roll please*….

The ULTIMATE Checklist of top 41 travel products and essentials to pack for Asia
(yes, 41 sounds a lot but it really isn’t).

So, Hé Ho Let’s Go!

Checklist of Top Travel Essential Products to Pack World Trip Blogger LittleBrookRoad #HeHoLetsGo Inspiration Tips Tricks TravelBlog Adventure Journey

  1. Hand Sanitizer: Stay Clean and Lean when Hanging above the toilet.
  2. Deet Spray 40%: Don’t forget the Dengue mosquito, Deet 40% will help to keep both Malaria and Dengue mosquito’s away!
  3. Hadex: If you have absolutely no way to drink clean water: this is a must.
  4. Bite Patches: Making a cross with your nails sometimes isn’t enough, this patch does the trick.
  5. Lariam: If you’re traveling in a Malaria area, it’s good to play it safe and swallow some of these.
  6. Wilderness Wash Super Concentrated: “Iew, dude you stink!” Wash up with this multipurpose soap.
  7. Toothbrushes: Cliche but very useful and leave that electrical toothbrush at home.
  8. Thiamine Vitamin B1: Best mosquito repellent tip: 1 pil of 100mg once a day (check with your doctor to always be sure)
  9. Bug Repellant: If you’re sick of all the heavy duty stuff, just protect yourself lightly.
  10. Sunscreen: When traveling on a budget, make sure to pack some as it’s pretty expensive while traveling (Tip: start high 50 SPF and work down).
  11. Eucalyptus Oil: Mix this with creme and use it to repel bugs and mosquito’s.
  12. Imodium: For the moments that you really can’t hold it anymore.
  13. ORS: For the moments when you’ve let everything go.
  14. Cleaning Wipes: Yup, you have to touch that toilet that’s why we bring these suckers along.
  15. Blister Band Aid: Protect your precious feet from the exhausting walks.
  16. Venom Extractor: This is amazing! If you’re stung by a mosquito or a bee it works great!

Checklist of Top Travel Essential Products to Pack World Trip Blogger LittleBrookRoad #HeHoLetsGo Inspiration Tips Tricks TravelBlog Adventure

  1. Hamam Towel: It dries faster and is lighter than a normal towel PLUS usable as a shawl.
  2. Document Organizer: One for medical docs. One for visa’s. One tickets and passports.
  3. Waterproof Travel Pack Cover: Don’t get drugs slipped into your bag before/during a flight.
  4. Cotton Travel Sheet: Sometimes you DO NOT want to touch the bed.
  5. Quick Dry Towel: It’s weird the first time but dries quick and is small plus light.
  6. Mosquito Travel Net: At night they attack the most, make sure your protected.
  7. Fragrance Pouch: After 2 months, it starts rotting in there so make it smell as fresh as possible.
  8. Binoculars: For when you feel like a granny or grandpa and can’t see the birdy in the tree.
  9. Suction Cup Hook Hanger: Hang up anything anywhere.
  10. Adapter & Converter: How are you going to charge your battery?
  11. GoPro Camera: Save your memories digitally.
  12. Camera: Not everything can be done with an iPhone.
  13. Toiletry Bag With Hook: DO NOT place your toiletry bag on the floor: hang it up!
  14. Swiss Army Knife: Need a quick fix? here you go.
  15. Thin Travel Waist Stash: For when you want to sleep in a busy train and keep your passport and money safe.
  16. Rain Poncho: There you are smack in the middle of a monsoon: be prepared.
  17. Clothing Divider: Makes it super easy to quickly find: socks, shirts, pants, underwear, etc.
  18. Small Wash Cloth: Some hotels only have a bucket with water to wash up in.
  19. Head Flashlight: It’s way better than putting a flashlight in your mouth and this way you have your hands free.

Checklist of Top Travel Essential Products to Pack World Trip Blogger LittleBrookRoad #HeHoLetsGo Inspiration Tips Tricks TravelBlog Adventure Asia and South America

  1. Womens Backpack Lowe Alpine: Lowe Alpine is a great brand and has sturdy material.
  2. Day Pack: You want a smaller bag for going to the beach or kayaking.
  3. Mens Backpack Lowe Alpine: Don’t buy an cheap travel bag, you DO NOT want this sucker to break in the middle of nowhere.

Checklist of Top Travel Essential Products to Pack World Trip Blogger LittleBrookRoad #HeHoLetsGo Inspiration Tips Tricks TravelBlog Adventure Asia

  1. Waterproof Travel Pack Cover with Lock: Make sure your bag is locked and completely covered so NO drugs or items can be sneakily placed in your bag.
  2. Day Pack: Great for the flight so you have the most important items nearby.
  3. Waterproof Travel Pack with Lock & Colorful Strap: Make sure you can recognize your backpack and add a bright colorful strap.


Extra Tips

  1. USB stick: If you need to use an internet cafe and want to save/print/copy something
  2. Passport photo: You don’t want to search for a photo booth in a village when you need a Visa, so make extra.
  3. Scan Documents: Always have your travel insurance or medicine documents nearby.
  4. Extra Lock: For when you need some privacy and there’s no lock on the door.
  5. Money Exchange: Get some local bucks for that moment when you arrive and you need to pay your first taxi.
  6. Spread your money: Don’t put everything in one place, spread it!
  7. Creditcards: Some countries only accept Master Card or American Express or Visa. Why not get them all?
  8. Notebook & Pen: To write down tips from other travelers.
  9. Tampons: For the ladies, in some islamic regions it’s difficult to buy these guys.
  10. Book a Taxi: Ask your hostel/hotel to send their taxi driver to pick you up on your first arrival in the airport. Why? After a long and stressful flight plus que at the visum area you can hop in a cool cab and you don’t have to bargen for 45 minutes about the price. Always check if the price is inclusive or exclusive Toll fees. Trust me Hotels don’t want unhappy people staying at their hotel, so they’ll make sure it’s arranged correctly.


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