Rome: Top 11 Foodie Guide

Join me in Rome for an amazing foodie tour guide that will make your mouth water with each tip.

Rome is famous for its great Italian authentic cuisines. The problem is, you have to know where to find it. Otherwise, you’ll end up eating at the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean there’s pizza… and then there’s pizzzzzaaaaaaaa.

That’s why I’ve come up with this top restaurant food guide of Rome. Scroll down to find where you want to lunch, have dinner of cup of coffee in Rome’s trendy places.

Make sure you don’t miss out on these hidden gems when you visit Rome!

Discover the following food tips in Rome:

  • 5 restaurant must eats
  • 2 coffee & cocktail hot spots
  • 2 lunch places
  • 2 snack joints for a hungry attack

Find the yummy hotspots in the map above and find out what all the fuss is about.

Also, check out these 3 extra tips in the blog below!

  • Trendy vintage clothing shops
  • Best private Tour guide
  • Boutique Private Hostel

So what are you waiting for? Find your favorite food hotspot in Rome and buon appetitio!

Celebrity Lunch: L’ archetto (pizza heaven)

Celebrity Lunch: L’ archetto (pizza heaven)

L’archetto  (Via dell’Archetto 26) is known for its amazing pasta’s and pizza’s. Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a celebrity sitting at the table next to you.

The walls inside the restaurant are thus decorated with all the famous people who’ve visited. The food is delicious red house wine is fantastic when considering the cheap price and the amazing quality.

The best spot is outside and I’d recommend this as the ‘basement’ in which you eat, really smells like a moldy one.

Plus, who wouldn’t want to enjoy the bustling streets of Rome outside, so make sure you make a reservation in advance!

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Must Eat Tips

Pizza margarita
Carbonara pasta
Red house wine 1/2 liter

Best tiramisu snack in the world- PompiBlogger_Snack_Dessert_Tips_Foodie_Guide_LittlebrookRoad

Best tiramisu snack in the world: Pompi

Pompi (Via della Croce 82) is the place for tiramisu in Rome. Absolutely a must visit shop to order their classic tiramisu.

Of course you can also grab an ice cream or some other sweet snack but, the tiramisu is what the hypes all about. They sell it in a small box to go with spoon: perfect to eat while sitting on the Spanish steps and enjoying the view.

Remember to first pay for your order and then go to the counter with your receipt, otherwise you’ll have to go back in line.

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Must Eat Snack

Tiramisu Classico

Palatine Hill_ La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali_Lunch_Dinner_Best_Blogger_Tips_Foodie_Guide_LittlebrookRoad

Dinner heaven next to Palatine Hill: La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali

La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali (Via della Madonna dei Monti 9) will explode your tastebuds with heavenly authentic Italian flavors. The interior is puuurfect for the cat fetish lovers, as the entire place is decorated with photo’s of this feline friend. If you look closely, you’ll even find a cat on your plate… ;).

The waiters have a pretty up beat tempo so make sure you take your time with eating as you’ll get your dishes quickly after each other. However… you want them to bring it on, as they’re all mouth watering & authentic roman grandma style dishes… bring it to mamaaaa.

Even The New York Times couldn’t miss this hotstpot. It’s a real Roman family restaurant and extremely popular so make sure you make a reservation in advance.

The location is great: next to Palatine Hill. Also great for lunches!

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Must Eat

Specialty of the day €-
Cacio e Pepe Tartufo €15
Bruschetta con stracciatella di burrata, pomodori, pesto di rughetta e acciughe €10

Hipster Coffee’s & Cocktail's- Tram Depot_Rome_Lunch_Blogger_Tips_Foodie_Guide_LittlebrookRoad

Hipster Coffee’s & Cocktail’s: Tram Depot

Tram Depot  (Via Marmorata 13) is a funky hotspot for anyone who’s not a granny pants and knows what’s trending.

Discover an old vintage tram tucked away underneath oaks and banana trees. Power up with a strong espresso and some sweet home made cobbler pie.

Or, throw on a comfortable evening dress and sip the night away with gin tonic’s and other amazing cocktails.

If you want to reboot and enjoy Rome like the locals than you have to visit this hidden gem.

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Must Drink

Gin Tonic Cocktail
Home Made Cobbler Pie

Grazia e Graziella_Dinner_Lunch_Blogger_Tips_Foodie_Guide_LittlebrookRoad

Drinks on the plaza at: Grazia e Graziella

Grazia e Graziella (Largo M.D. Fumasoni Biondi 5) is a must visit hotspot mainly due to the location and the nice terrace outside on the bustling streets.

This place gets super high ratings and thus we had to visit it. Book a table in advance otherwise you’ll sit inside. Honestly though, the food wasn’t that great. It was mostly a teenager trendy hotspot for a cheap meal.

The interior and design however was super nice. The pizza was really thick and that’s why we didn’t really say “wow”, as we’ve had better. I might even recommend to only have some drinks outside and might even eat somewhere else.

However the food wasn’t all bad, maybe we just didn’t order the best item on the menu.

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Must Drink

Chianti red wine €5
Bresaola €9
Crodino €4


Foodie Heaven in Rome: Da Enzo al 29

Da Enzo al 29 (Via dei Vascellari 29) is the absolutely the best authentic Italian restaurant in Rome ever: WOW!

Holly shit this place was amazing and a real Italian foodie porn lover cannot miss it. As if an Italian grandma herself was standing in the kitchen making her home made secret family recipes to share with you.

To be honest we accidentally stumbled upon this place. We noticed the HUGE line of people in front of the place and got curious so joined the wait. My lord: everything was mouthwatering and pure of taste.

We decided that our waitress and the chef what we should have and they came with simple yet bizar seasonal tasting plates. It’s a small place packed with tables to fit every inch plus the interior decoration has probably been done by some random cousin.

But…. The food compensates for every little bit of interior mismatch and will surprise you with each and every bite. Perfect for lunch and dinner! Check out their menu here.

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Must Eat

Specialty of the day €-
Fried Artichokes
Burrata Caprese

Saburra 1930 Cucina e Liquori_Dinner_Blogger_Tips_Foodie_Guide_LittlebrookRoad

Stylish Dinner Spot: Saburra 1930 Cucina e Liquori

Saburra 1930 Cucina e Liquori (Piazza della Suburra 13/15) has a great location near a bustling shopping area (plus the famous vintage clothing market “Merca Monti Urban Market Roma” which you can read about in the extra tips at the bottom of this blog).

This restaurant is tucked away right next to a metro station (so easily accessible) and combines great Italian food and Italian interior styling. We sat outside to enjoy the view of bustling people on the street. It was really romantic to sit outside.

Combine your dinner with a classic Aperol spritz and the night is yours.

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Must Eat

Tuna tartaar with Thai coconut soup €20
Spaghetti All’Amatriciana €11


Italian Deli Sandwich Miracle: Pane & Salame

Pane & Salame (Via di Santa Maria in via 19) looks so simple with delicious ham, rocket and sauce but…OMG it has the best Italian deli sandwiches for lunch you can ever imagine.

No wonder people are lined up outside to place an order, these sandwich puppies are to die for. I really don’t know how they do it because, if you look at your lunch it doesn’t seem all that exciting… until you take a bite.

And, did I tell you about the price: super cheap €4,50 or €5,00 for a sandwich from heaven!

The combination of simple yet yummy ingredients, including salty cold cuts and amazing grilled veggies as a topping together with a unique dressing, will make this a must eat.

Take it on the go and shop the streets for Roman outfits as the location is smack in the middle of all your favorite stores.

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Must Snack

The #0 Mortadella €5
The #B Salame €4,50


Fine and Elegant Dining: Restaurant Ad Hoc

Restaurant Ad Hoc  (Via di Ripetta 43) not only provides classy white linen tablecloths with sophisticated food but, these guys know their wines for a great dinner.

The interior walls are decorated with thousands of beautiful bottles and the waiters will gladly assist with the best wines for your night. We ordered a chef’s menu so we’d be surprised by the lovely dishes and they were great!

Delicately served on beautiful large white plates combined with complimenting wines that elevated the dishes to heavenly yummy. The location of this 15th century restaurant is also great: near Piazza di Spagna.

So ideal to make a reservation after a day shopping & sight-seeing.

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Must Eat

Specialty of the day €-

Anthony Bourdain's Netflix Tip_ Roma Sparita_Lunch_Dinner_Tips_Foodie_Guide_LittlebrookRoad

Anthony Bourdain’s Netflix Tip: Roma Sparita

Roma Sparita  (Piazza di Santa Cecilia 24) was a tip that we got by watching the Netflix TV show No reservations by Anthony Bourdain (who now unfortunately passed away recently). 

The show explained how this was the place to be for the famous Cacio a pepe, thus my hubby and I wandered towards this place 30 min before opening time to make sure we got a table. Be on time because this place gets busy quick and especially if you want to sit outside.

We ordered the Cacio a Pepe  which was served in a crisp parmesan cheese shaped bowl and also some specialties of the day including fried artichokes. The setting outside is amazing, located next to a large courtyard and historical building you can enjoy your meal in the shade underneath stylish linnen umbrella’s.

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Must Eat

Specialty of the day €-
Cacio a Pepe €13,00

3 Extra Bonus Tips: When You’re in Rome

Still hungry for more Rome tips & tricks? Then read further and discover my secret must do activities for a real experience of Rome. And don’t worry they’re absolutely old school & not mega touristic or spammy!


Shop till you drop tip: Merca Monti Urban Market Roma

Merca Monti Urban Market Roma (Via Leonina 46/48) is the place if you love vintage good will designer outifits!

Discover beautiful vintage Gucci and Dior jackets or stunning dresses by Prada and Armani for a great price! Take you time to search through the different stalls inside this huge Design Market hall.

They also have a small fitting room in the back to try out your new items.

Tip: bring cash! Also make sure you check out when they’re open, when we were there in April it was: Saturday & Sunday from 10:00-20:00.



Private tour guide The Coliseum, Roman Forum and more: WithLocals!

The WithLocals Private Tour of Rome is perfect. Want to discover Rome in a vibrant way and really hear what it’s about? Seriously bring the old buildings and history alive with a super enthusiastic and knowledgeable private a tour guide from Matteo of WithLocals!

Instead of walking through the Coliseum with head down reading your Lonely Planet (to which you can’t ask any dynamic questions as to: what are the holes in the wall for or did they ever have boats in the coliseum?) …we wanted to ask questions and really get answers… so together with Matteo, our private tour guide, we explored the history, politics and stories of Rome.

Matteo not only knew the answer to each strange question we asked but, also surprised us with so much knowledge of Rome’s past and political status due to his degree in History.

He really took his time and made sure we saw everything (Coliseum, Forum Romanum and the Palatine Hill) and more! No joke: a serious great tour guide and I’d recommend him to everyone visiting Rome and for 60 euro’s per person you have the tickets included as well!


Boutique Private Room Hostel: Generator Hostel

Generator Hostel Rome (Via Principe Amedeo 257) is trendy cheap designer hostel 10 mins from the train station Termini & the metro stop Vittorio Emanuele is around the corner. Book a private room (like we did with the two of us) or get a shared room. It was a bit noisy but to be honest we were out in the town till late and went into the city in the morning so we didn’t really notice it much. Also you can enjoy the breakfast buffet, but again we choose to have breaky in the city thus I’m not sure how well it is. The location however is wonderful and were able to get out and about really easy in the city. Also the room was really clean and comfortable so for the price of I think €100 per night for a kingsize private room, I’d recommend it. 


Follow me also on Instagram for my newest journeys & enjoy your amazing trip to Rome!

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x- Have fun- x,

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