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Owner of LittleBrookRoad www.littlebrookroad.com #HeHoLetsGo

Bonjourno! Nope I’m not French, it’s just one of my newest knick-knack words.

Welcome to my hangout-chillerds-places. Yup, This is me and Totoro the cat, Miaow (I also have another one called Tony and he looks exactly the same)!

Due to an idea brought to you by my lovely boyfriend, who was probably a bit zoned out from my daily chat sessions, I started this blog.

Unsure actually as to what I’m going to post and if it’s something that’s worth your while…
I’m going to throw all my thoughts down on paper or in other words: on my keyboard. We’ll see where the boat floats.


Before I give you my life story, I thought you should know that an interesting curve and bend in the forking road has come up. Having worked, both me and my boyfriend, at very interesting international companies and startups, it kept on itching and itching and itching.

Therefore my boyfriend and I decided to quit our jobs, sell the house and go after our passion: exploring our wanderlust!

We’ve saved up all the money we could and said our farewell, for as of the 1st of September 2015 we will be off to start our world trip in Indonesia, Asia.

Follow our adventures and journey’s here on this blog as I’ll write what we’ve discovered and also let you in on some secret awesome tips! Let us know if you’ll be there too, maybe we can meet up to share stories and drink a Bintang.
Read my entire farewell blogpost here: Goodbye Home Sweet Home and Hello Wanderlust World: Hé Ho Let’s Go!

*Cough Cough*

Oh Yes… but to continue with my life story:
I’ve lived in 2 different countries in my youth…well actually 3 if you count the 6 months in Spain, but let’s skip that one.

American of the States that are United

To be honest I’m not exactly sure how many years or how many months I actually lived in each country but let’s say roughly I lived till my 12th in the USA and from that point on In The Netherlands.

In the US I covered the states: New Mexico BREAKING BAD (Albuquerque… and as I’m writing this I remember the song that they taught us in elementary school to try and spell our own place that we lived in, what a weird un-american name actually..maybe a bit French?: Albuquerque. Plus we lived in houses made out of sand.. like an igloo sand houses) and Connecticut (Fairfield, very poshy-ish I guess, yet never really noticed it at the time until someone said later to me.. “oh Fairfield very Abercrombie and Fitch”…ok).

Hollandia of Netherlands

In Holland or The Netherlands I’ve lived in different places… some of which I really can’t recall cause I was just to darn youngster: goo-goo-gaa-gaa. But.. to quickly sum up: Amstelveen, Diemen, Laren and now.. Amsterdam Gotta love it, like the Miccey D guy says: ” I’m lovinnnn it”.

So why start blogging? Well as said I think my boyfriend thought… “hmm I’d like the world to share my tormenting daily spitter spatter word waterfalls given to me by my lovely charming lady friend, so what better way than the internet”.. so hé ho let’s go and see where my thoughts take me and you.

Do be advised or maybe even warned that some content may be very blurry as my thoughts can sometimes become a chaotic whirlpool.. and I speak/write like I think. But, who knows.. we might be on the same track!

To ask me something or get in contact you can always mail me at: info@littlebrookroad.com


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