Brain Train: Mind Blowing Winds

During the course of my academic years it seemed as if I understood the meaning of philosophy and as the say “analytical thinking”.. I say “out of the box thinking”. Because “analytical” is sooooo 2013. Just like:“Hi, I’m Kimberly and I’m a dynamic person”.

Anyways where was I?! Oh yes me being some kind of philosophical thinker.So, it might be a key ingredient to understanding my working mind to have read some words that I wrote during my study at the University of Amsterdam. Although….I strongly suggest to not read it….as I never felt the need to reread my work and actually wouldn’t recommend it.. Yet ‘ja never know who will be the one to LOL while reading my works of not art but some kind of mind boggling word maze.

The first thesis is unfortunately (or luckily) only readable for the Dutchie languaged, since it’s written in Dutch. Point of that thesis was: Media and Disney in particular has wrongly stereotyped the wolf as being bad and scary.

The second thesis will be available to theaters and homes as soon as I can upload it (which it now is: see Closed Doors link), but the main thought there is: Information is physical due to binary code that is built out of electrical cuts/folds. Information is therefore not a window or glass as Google Goggles would like us to believe….but a door…dun dun dunnnnnnnnn.

Read all my thesis’s and papers here:


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