Ingredients to this Road

 LittleBrookRoad Blogs About:

Travel Adventures, Trending Interior Inspiration, Arty Farty items,
Green lifestyle, Tony the Cat, and Random Brain Farts.

So: He Ho Let’s Go!

Well ok, for some of you, you probably are skilled blog readers but, to be honest I have no idea where to start.

This is definitely a work in progress so the layout is still a bit skiddish and I personally found the blog, yes even my own blog, confusing.

So therefore I give you the “Ingredients to this Road” page.. in which I explain what the different categories on the blog are and how it works. The pages on the above header: Ingredients to this Road, Who you? and the other one are standard pages.. they won’t change that much.. BUT… the blog is focused upon certain categories : Wandering Rooms & Travels, The Adventures of Tony the Cat: Miaow, Mama’s Greenhouse, Arty Farty Smarty, and Foughts with my Thoughts. Each catagory will briefly be explained so you know what it’s about.

To briefly interupt.. I wanted to let you in on the secret to the name of this blog and how I got my sensational inspiration.
LittleBrookRoad used to be the street that I lived in  Fairfield CT, America, and it stuck on my through all the years. It was grey with a bright red door and was close to both the elementary school and middle school that I went to.

Wandering Rooms & Travels


As a kid I was dragged along by the parentals to different parts of town/country/world. Therefore the traveller inside of me is still rocking back and forth to be able to see more and more. The shops, places, towns, countries or other items that I stumble upon will be found here. For in every town I can put on my gown. France, Italy, Germany, India, The Netherlands…  PEEKaBOO

Next stop: Asia! From the 1st of September 2015 till beyond… I will be au revoir-ing around the world for at least 6 months. He Ho Let’s Go!



The Adventures of Tony the Cat: Miaow


Well to be brief.. my cat’s name is Tony. He is a (Male, not sure if I had to say that as his name is Tony but ok: Male) British Short Hair. He has a sister named Totoro, yes she is named after the fat grey fluffy something-animal in the asian movie “Totoro”. Together they go on journey’s in dark unknown places  to mankind where they travel deep into the caves (found under the bed) and climb large mountains also known as cabinets.


Mama’s GreenhouseSavoy Cabbage Zoomed in on beautiful patterns of Mother Nature. Close up.

It’s a kind of weird, I love seeing amazing created products but after having seen a movie about waste or the environment and where the world is going to… I never want to buy something at all. Of course after a few days the demonstration in my mind eases a bit.. but the older I get the more I want to do something against things I feel are wrong or unjust or have impact on the world. Therefore on Mama’s Greenhouse (mama as in mother nature) I will share with you everything that has made me aware of my environment.


Arty Farty is SmartyKate Macdowell

Objects that catch my eye and make my heart pump one beat faster will be placed and faced in this category. All kind of things can be found here: food packaging, designer objects, art, logo’s, home interior and go on and on. Unique items in both fashion and art (or a combination of the two) will be focused in this category. I personally love surrealistic art and everything that exceeds reality makes me happy. A place where the mind can wander without boarders or walls that make something impossible. Here the impossible is possible.

Foughts with my Thoughts20140619-150433-54273473.jpg

The inner philosopher inside of me likes to pretend to have a say in life. Here I let my inner thoughts freely flow on paper (digitally then). Well, actually to come back on the digitally part: I firstly write many thoughts on paper. I have a little black book next to my bed (this sounds kinky but its not), in this book I write all things that pop up to mind when sleeping or when i’m about to fall to sleep. It all scatters from the different types of political questions that I have or inventions that I have to ideas on my own past. All forking paths collide here.





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